Dr. Walter C, Austin Texas
"If this subject interests you even a little bit – how can it not? -- I urge you to buy this slim volume, Life’s Fingerprint , and enter a fascinating world of human study as seen through the eyes of a wise and entertaining expert in the field."
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Sheldon P, Waban, MA
"This book is as readable as People Magazine, and it is remarkably all truth and science.."

Jim C, Chicago, IL
"This book provides valuable information to professionals in a variety of fields and those individuals interested in learning more about their own family situations—even what to expect in the future. In my opinion, it is a must read for anyone interested in children and “why they do and say what they do.” The insights it provides are invaluable."

Lynda & Don C, Ann Arbor Mi
"My wife and I enjoyed reading this book. It is amazing how Dr. Hurst has been able to capture so much truth during his many years of personal interactions with his orthodontic patients. What a unique and valuable laboratory for such a study. We could readily identify related traits in our two daughters, just as were predicted from the book."

Ann F, Olympia WA
"Over 30 years of treating several generations in the same family have given Dr. Hurst a unique insight into the place of birth order and double birth order in the dynamics of everyday relationships. A thoughtful and fun book to read!"

Raymond C, New Orleans, LA
"If you are looking to understand people, then Life’s Fingerprint is a must read. This book should be required reading for all managers of employees and every business CEO."

Madison L, Boston MA
“As my husband and I get older, we have been having a problem deciding which of our children we should give power of attorney. This book helped us understand our children, now adults. Knowing who should have power of attorney and handle our estate, and be fair to their siblings, gives us peace of mind. Thank you for writing this book."

Dr. William M, Hattiesburg, MS
“I wish I had access to Dr. Hurst’s book before I retired from the practice of orthodontics. It would have given me insight in dealing with the varied personalities of my patients and helped me in motivating them to cooperate to achieve their best treatment results. However, my wife, four adult children, and I have had a hoot of a time reading the characteristics of different children’s birth orders and comparing notes about how we fit the patterns! I would warn families to do this only if you can laugh at yourself! It brought our family closer together and allowed us to talk about and accept our character traits and idiosyncrasies. A masterful, well-thought- out book!”

Steve S, St. Louis, MO
“If only I had read this book before my last marriage. According to the book, I married a two/only and she didn’t just want half when we divorced. She wanted— and got —everything. I’m going to be more careful next time.”

Nancy H, San Diego CA
“This book is so incredibly interesting and I’m learning so much about my children. I know this is going to make me a better mother.”

Phyllis V, Lexington, KY
“.....all of our older grandchildren were so fascinated with Life’s Fingerprint. They were very interested in all the different scenarios of family placement and the results of their particular niche. The discussions were lengthy and revealed their feelings. This book is great in getting to know your family.”

Bonnie B, Spokane WA
“After reading this book I was able to understand my very large family where many of the children are spaced many years apart. Other birth order books didn’t address this issue and nothing seemed to fit. Now I really understand my brothers and sisters."

Keith K, Covington, La.
“This book could not have come out at a better time. My father had to be put in a nursing home and needed one of us, his children, to be responsible for his care. The number 5 child, my sister, just stepped in and took over. Now I know why she is so perfect for the job. As a number 5, she is really like a first-born and not the baby in the family. I can rest easier knowing we have made the right decision.
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