Slidell Spotlight: Knowing birth order can help in navigating relationships
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Birth Order Presentation Comments

Thank you so much for your talk last night at our men's club meeting. It was truly enlightening and very enjoyable. Your Knowledge and enthusiasm came through to the delight of all.
-Dave S.

Thanks for coming out and speaking to our teachers. The feedback I got from the teachers was great. They thought you were a wonderful speaker with lots of very interesting information. I really do appreciate you taking the time to teach us about something that is obviously very important in the classroom.
-Kelli B.

Thanks so much for an entertaining and very interesting presentation. I'm so appreciative that you rearranged your schedule in order to speak to our group on such short notice. We all love your book!
-Jeanine B.

Thank you so very much for a fascinating presentation during our school PTA meeting. Your extraordinary information and research on birth order appealed to everyone in the audience. You revealed facts and personal characteristics, behaviors, and relationships that helped parents understand their children and teachers gain a greater insight into their students. I particularly enjoyed the interactivity and humor that you interjected into your lecture. Thank you again for an awesome evening.
-Eva J.

Thank you for an entertaining and valuable speech last week at our Women's Business dinner. I am sure you felt the group certainly was enchanted by your insights and information. In fact, the emails were floating between members the next day, still talking about how much they enjoyed it.
-Liz T.
Birth Order Will Help You Find Your Perfect Match
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(read full story)
The Times-Picayune
January 3rd, 2012
Carol Wolfram
Birth Order: Finding Your Place
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The Shreveport Times
April 4th, 2011
Ponchatoula orthodontist writes book "Life's Fingerprint: Your Birth Order"
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The Ponchatoula Times
July 23, 2009
Brace for the Facts about Your Birth Order
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Local Orthodontist Covers Topic in Book
The Times-Picayune, Covington Town Talk
Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Christa Chautin
Radio Interview on WWL
Monica Pierre
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August 12, 2012
Radio Interview WMKV-FM, Cincinnati Ohio
Sue Zimmermannn “Grandparenting Today”, Public Radio
Thursday May 5, 2011
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Radio Interview on WLW, Cincinnati, OH
Marc Amazon
Monday April 4, 2011
This interview is available as a podcast.
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Radio Interview on WRHB, Orlando, FL
"Heartbeat Sunshine with Mary McBryde"
Thursday April 7, 2011
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Dr. Hurst explains Birth Order during a presentation.
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