Strengthen Your Business by
Understanding Your Employees' Birth Orders

A Powerful NEW Tool to Understand Human Behavior

For those of you unfamiliar with the theory of birth order I would
like to introduce you to the subject and show you how you can use
the information to your advantage.

Identifying the Problem for the HR

Employee Turnover
The Interview Hiring
Solving Conflicts
Promotions and Team Leaders
Cost of employee turnover

The Problem:
As an HR director you know the stress, expense and energy you haveto expend when you have to resolve conflicts, dismiss employees,build teams and retain talented employees. Some have put the costat 150% of a $50,000 salaried position to train a new employee. For a company of 1000 people with a turnover rate of 10% the costof turnover would be at least $7.5 million. A number that any CEO would like to add to the bottom line.

The Interview:
I would like to present some information that I call the key to unlocking and unmasking employee personality traits. During an interview you only get a snapshot of the prospective applicant. Using the information I can teach you about birth order will give you a lifetime picture not just the snapshot you see during the interview

Using The Birth Order Tool:
Life’s Fingerprint: How Birth Order Affects Your Path Throughout Life will give you the tools to find the “true” birth order of all of your employees. There are eight questions that will reveal a person’s “true” birth order. The book will also give you a better understanding of who you are. Hiring the right person the first time, finding team leaders, getting diverse personalities for creative development are just a few of the benefits of understanding birth order.

Has Birth Been Used in the Past?
Yes, several consulting companies have used this tool for business development but based it only on the traditional birth orders of Only, First born, Second born, and Third born. This is much too simple an approach to birth order theory. You must include the spacing between siblings and the genders within the family structure.

The Rosetta Stone of Birth Order Theory
What makes the book, Life’s Fingerprint so different is that it is based on the discovery of Double Birth orders and has been tested on a normal population of thousand of families not patient’s seeking psychiatric care. The secret key to understanding birth order is the concept of Double Birth order which goes Beyond Birth Order and divides the population not into 5 categories but at least 18 different birth categories..

Consultation Services
PBO consulting can help you understand this invaluable tool for your profession. Any tool that is legal and gives you the information you seek without the applicant knowing what you now know is invaluable. We can do evaluation services, conflict resolution, team development and train you and your managers to use this tool in their everyday work environment. Matching the unique characteristics of someone’s birth order to the position within the company makes for a happy employee and a company that is using each person’s full potential.

Holiday Gifts
This book is the ideal gift to all those in management positions to help them reduce the stress in their jobs and be more productive for the company. Discounts are available for quantity orders.

• Hire the right person for the job the first time.

• Know the birth order culture of your company; it comes from the top.

• Understand the personality traits of each birth order in order to use employees effectively in your organization.

• Use birth order to build a successful team.

• Understand the leadership style of each birth order.

• Learn how to interview to find compatible birth orders.

• Learn the best positions in the company for those with double birth orders.

• Learn why "stars" aren't team players.

• Predict the cultural changes in a company after a merger or acquisition.
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Using Birth Order to increase productivity and reduce stress in the office

A smooth running office with minimum stress reduces employee
turnover increases the "team" atmosphere and keeps stress to a
minimum. This in turn increases productivity.
The Theory

Based on interviews with thousands of office employees we have found that unique personality characteristics match with specific positions within a company.

The Process

Identify the various qualities you need for each position. A detailed job description is the first step.

The Match

Using the basic characteristics of each of the birth orders identify the ideal birth order to fill each position.

The Evaluation

Find the "True" birth order of each employee and see if it matches with their current position within the company.

The Managers/Leaders

Evaluate their birth order style to see if it fits with the people they are managing.
Find the problems with their style or the people within their group that do not fit.

Company Culture

Identify the company culture from the birth order of the CEO. See if the other top management have the same or combatable birth orders.

The Evaluation

You will receive a detailed report of each position in the company and a recommendation for the ideal candidate to fill this position based on birth order. All employees birth orders will be evaluated in reference to their current positions and suggestions for "better fit" positions will be made.
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